An impressive array of animals greets the visitor to the Darling Downs Zoo. Our animals come to us from other zoos or wildlife parks, private breeders, aviculturalists and herpetologists. Some of them had been injured or orphaned animals that were deemed not suitable for release to the wild so they will now have a safe and happy life with us. Others are part of globally recognised captive preservation breeding programs.

Already you can see brilliantly coloured Macaws from South America, snappy Crocodiles, mischievous Monkeys from South-east Asia, haughty Peruvian Llamas, tiny rainforest Marmosets, Ssssssssnakes galore, bouncing Baboons from Africa, two prides of mighty Lions, Green Iguanas from Brazil and exotic Parrots of all sizes and colours. Ducks, Lizards, Swans, Pelican, Kangaroos, Ostriches, Dingo, Emu, Waterbirds, Turtles and Tortoises are some more of the species to call the new zoo home.

The zoo participates in preservation programs for Sumatran Tiger, Emperor Tamarin, Cotton-top Tamarin, African Lion, Zebra, Giraffe, Stilts, Bilbys, Noisy Pitta, Regent Bowerbirds, Rose-crowned Fruit Doves and many more.

The Darling Downs Zoo is the only zoo in Queensland where you can see African Lions, White Lions, Servals, Barbary Sheep, Addax, Brazilian Tapir, Mara, Greater Rhea and the largest family of Hamadryas Baboons and herds of Zebra, Blackbuck Antelope and Aldabra Giant Tortoises.

We are also home to Queensland's first ever Meerkats!