23 September 2019


Our new website is now on line and will be fine tuned over the next few weeks.

The new site is mobile friendly and will also allow you to buy admission tickets and to book and pay for personalised Animal Encounters.

No doubt we will have a few teething problems as we all adjust to the new site so please be patient with us and let us know by email if you are experiencing any difficulties.


Pygmy Hippo!

17 December 2018

Kamina is a young female Pygmy Hippopotamus - one of only five specimens of her species in Australia. Fortunately Pygmy Hippos like to live alone as the other four are all related to her.

At the moment the law does not permit the import of Hippos so it is not possible to import a mate for her or any of the other four.

We are working with industry colleagues to assist the government to amend the law to permit such an import. but it will be several years before this will be accomplished.

In the meantime Kamina is being waited on hand and foot by her dedicated keepers and enjoying being the centre of attention.

You can see her in her newly built pool house and paddock just opposite the Meerkats.

The zoo is open every day during the holidays, except Christmas Day. There is a full range of free photo ops and informative talks daily - check out our website for details.